Om Copper Offering Bowl 3″

Lip and bottom feature an embellished design. Made from copper. Small offering bowl decorated with Om symbols on all sides. Measures 3 inches in diameter. Approximately 3 inches diameter. Copper bowl features Om symbols on all sides as well as embellishment around top and bottom rims. Perfect for an altar or for use in rituals.


Triple Moon Pentacle Copper Incense Burner 3"

Triple moon with pentacle symbol. Made of cooper. Product dimensions: 3 x 3 x 2 inches. Made of copper. Size: 3" diameter. Triple moon pentacle symbol copper offering bowl 3" diameter. Size: 3" diameter.

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Grade A Barred Turkey Smudging Feather no stains, cuts, pieces missing

Size: 3" diameter. For use in smudging rituals. Made of copper. Triple moon with pentacle symbol. As these are a product of nature, they come in various lengths. Real turkey feathers. Striped in white and brown colors of the Barred Turkey, these genuine feathers are perfect for your smudging ritual, allowing you to sweep the smoke of your Sage or Sweetgrass in a more traditional way.

If smudging isn't your thing, sharpen the quill and put it to use as the perfect writing utensil for your spells involving ink and parchment. Measures approximately 10 to 12 inches in length. Comes in various lengths as they are natural products.

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India Small Decorated Brass Charcoal Screen Incense Burner with Wooden Coaster

3-piece burner set. Indian style etched decoration. Top screen lifts off for cleaning. Approximately 2" tall and 2. 5" wide. Includes wooden coaster. For use in smudging rituals. Beautiful solid brass black screen burner with golden carving. Comes in various lengths as they are natural products. An artistic carved burner.

Triple moon with pentacle symbol. Black wood coaster is included. Size: 3" diameter. Made of copper. Measures approximately 10 to 12 inches in length. Real turkey feathers. Manufactured by New Age Imports, Inc.

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