Japanese Traditional Ceramic Rice Bowl Set of 4 Pink Cherry Blossom Sakura Gift Pack Imported From Japan

The classic cherry blossom design on these bowls makes it perfect for house warming, wedding, business gift or almost any occasion. Comes with easy packed gift box, graduation, birthdays, a wonderful gift idea. Besides using it as rice bowl, you can also use it for ice cream, snacks or whatever strikes your fancy.

These bowls are made in Japan. The bowls are dishwasher and microwave safe. The natural beauty of the pink cherry blossom is highlighted on these dark blue rice bowls set. This traditionally crafted ceramic set will fit right in with any home decor with zen elements. Beautiful japanese cherry blossom bowl set featuring 4 bowls in dark blue colors highlighted with pink sakura flowers.

. Made of high quality ceramic and hand painted with traditional Japanese Cherry Blossom which represents beauty, life and tranquility. This sushi restaurant style rice bowls measure approximately 4. 15 inches diameter and 2. 65 inches tall.

Quality Japanese Rice or Noodle Bowls 6" Diameter Multi Purpose Tayo Bowl Set of 2 with Chopsticks Gift Set Imported From Japan Pink Sakura

Set includes 2 bowls and 2 pairs of chopsticks, comes packaged in beautiful black gift box. Perfect for couples daily use. As sticking the chopsticks into the rice or noodle is a sign of bad luck in many Asian culture. The two different colors of blue and pink symbolizes harmony between couples. Conversation piece - it is a perfect gift for your family, friends and colleagues, or your own collection.

Perfect for udon, dumplings or fried rice, pasta, finding the right bowl can be a challenge. The matching chopsticks are approximately 9 inches long. Display it proudly in your kitchen or table setting and your guests will definitely love it's beauty. Beautiful set of japanese ramen/udon bowls with matching chopsticks set Size and what's included - the beautiful set of bowls measures approximately 6 inches diameter and 2.

75 inch tall. As the bowls are microwaveable plus freezer and dishwasher safe, Christmas, they'll get lots of use in any home. Couples set - this bowl set is designed with traditional Japanese motif which symbolizes good fortune and auspicious living. Carefully designed to suit asian soups, pho & RAMEN - Whether you like noodles, this bowl is also great for regular meals including cereal, oatmeal or salad.

Ideal gift for any occasion this set makes a great gift for a wedding, house warming or birthday. The unique design of the chopstick rest niche allows for you to set the chopsticks over the bowl.

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