Etouffee Bowl

Roux Brands - Rich southern design. Chic and classic. This etouffee bowl is a decorative way to enjoy a delicious etouffee or gumbo with family and friends! The white color, wording, and boarder offer chic and class that you can't get anywhere else. Etouffee bowldecorativefor etouffee or gumbochic and classy Etouffee bowl.

Perfect for etouffee, gumbo, and other southern cuisines.

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White Gumbo Bowl Set/2

Roux Brands - The perfect Gumbo bowl for the perfect dish. Makes a great gift. Classic white design. Styled in white ceramic with embossed "GUMBO" lettering this bowl gift set is a great way to celebrate this famous dish. Each gumbo Bowl measures 6. 5" in diameter x 4" tallHolds 16 oz. Makes a great gift, beautifully boxed casual, classic and convenient designBest selling product One of the best things about making Gumbo is that there is no right or wrong way to do it.

If there are four experienced cooks sitting at a table and someone mentions gumbo, you'll soon have them arguing about the best way to make it. Its roots come from diverse peoples and converge in what must be the most multicultural dish in America. Gumbo is truly the great melting pot of cultures and cuisines.

White Gumbo Bowl Set/2 - And it's likely to be four different ways. Wholesale customers must purchase this item by increments of 4 Set of two Gumbo Bowls.

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