Coastal Wood Hand Carved Root Artworks Small Wooden Bowl-BW01

Coastal Wood BW01 #ad - The root wood of modern root carving creation mainly are rosewood, boxwood, camphor wood, fir, chicken wing wood, etc. Measures approximately 9. 5" inches in diameter x3"- 4" inches high, weight approximately 1lb 3oz. Each one is as unique as its tree of origin. The process of finding root is that root artists rely on life experience and artistic cultivation as well as acute and unique insight to discover all kinds of strange roots in nature.

All arts can not be created without material. They are suitable for root enthusiasts to reshape them. Food-safe lacquer finish so it can be used for food or decoration. All those hard, smooth, delicate roots of clear grain are in natural exotic shapes due to diversified climates. Root wood drying aims to meet quality requirements through removing moisture from the wood.

As most root wood are pith wood, thus reducing the probability of crazing and deforming, much attention should be paid to eliminating or lightening additional stress and internal stress generated during the drying process, which can guarantee dry root wood's quality Regular oiling with food-grade oil will help keep it moist and beautiful.

Coastal Wood Hand Carved Root Artworks Small Wooden Bowl-BW01 #ad - . The making process of root artwork can be generally divided into six procedures: barking, painting, creating, anti-inset treatment, drying, polishing, anti-bacterial treatment, and waxing. Only after roots of exotic shapes are founded can root artists create a perfect root artworks with their wisdom, imagination and original creation.

After combination of strange nature and artful carving skill, those root woods exert integration of nature and man effect.

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WELLAND Handmade Storage Natural Root Wood Crafts Bowl Deep Bowls

WELLAND HW950-102 #ad - Unique shape bowls - each piece is hand-carved by skilled artisans, shape and measurement may vary; Items will be send out on the random basis, color, so no two are exactly alike as in nature, which means you will not receive the similar shape as the images show. Arts of nature - the unique styles of ecological nature make these great of practical and artistic use; They may win great admiration from guests; Novel gifts for birthday.

More choice of cedar - you can buy welland cedar bowls, mushroom table and stools as a set decor, plates, which will bring nature into the family life with their own unique organic charm. Dimension - approximate 12. 5" x 12" x 8"; dry up after washing will prolong their service life. Made from reclaimed cedar stumps with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish.

WELLAND Handmade Storage Natural Root Wood Crafts Bowl Deep Bowls #ad - Welland cedar wood eep bowls-- attractive root or stump with wild grain patterns and natural shapes-- special curved lines on rim of the bowls stand out from normal plat lines-- Made from eco-friendly reclaimed cedar stumps with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish-- Great option for the do-it-yourself homeowner looking and eye-catching centerpiece of any room after placed on -- Dimension: Approximate 12.

5" x 12" x 8"welland offers you more choice of cedars-- available: bowls:extra small, deep ; trays:small & large; wave trays: rectangle & square;color: natural with an easy care food-safe lacquer finish-- bring nature home: welland also offers cedar stools and end tables made of the same material to add your home a sense of organic charm-- the essence and prime characteristic root artwork is the combination of practicality and aesthetics, small, stools and table, which can form a series of nature decor, which can meet people's practical living needs and culture-art appreciation needsMuti-purpose cedar bowls-- Great choice to be place as a centerpiece on the table-- Ideal for serving fresh fruits, medium, large, chips and everything in between-- Used with other WELLAND Cedar trays, pasta, adding your home a sense of their own unique organic charmATTENTION!!! Maintenance-- HANDLE WITH CARE-- DRY THEM UP thoroughly after cleaning-- STORE AWAY from heat and sunlight in a well-ventilated spot-- RUB occasionally with mineral oil to maintain appearancePackage-- 1 x Cedar Bowl-- Unique gifts ideal for your friends and relatives Special curved lines - waves on the rims are more elegant than others with normal plat lines.

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